Soldier tears apart argument that you should join the military if you want free collage : MurderedByWords

Soldier tears apart argument that you should join the military if you want free collage : MurderedByWords

I want to be an interventional cardiologist. In order to do so where I live (all of this will be in Canadian Rupees (CAD) unless otherwise specified) I would need a 4 year bachelor’s degree and potentially a PHD or Masters degree. Let’s go best case scenario: the four year bachelor’s and then 4 years of med school:

-Bachelor’s: 14,000$ a year, plus 1,500$ a year for textbooks, pre cost of living. -Medical School: 22,000$ a year, plus a one time 2,000$ purchase of books, pre cost of living.

Total: 108,000$ pre cost of living, and in best case scenario.

Just a heads up: In Canada, we don’t adjust our job pay based on the value of our dollar.

Sidenote: The housing market where I live is so on fire that the average 1 bedroom apartment is approximately 2,020$ a month, and near the university is NOT even close to the average. So let’s add in the cost of living:

-Shoving 5 people into a tiny apartment to get rent down to about 600$ a month. -Factoring that and some other boring calculations that I’ve done previously, the cost of living would be about 20,000$ a year for me.

Total: 268,000$ CAD or 205,344.31$ USD.

At minimum wage (15$ an hour CAD or 11.50$ USD), it would take 17,867 hours, or 745 full 24 hour days, or 2.05 years of 24/7 non-stop working to pay for. And that’s BEFORE tax and other pay deductions (which are criminally severe where I live). Plus, every expense above is in the BEST possible scenario (getting 4 other people to agree to live in a shitty apartment for 8 years to lower rent cost is near impossible, and chances are with the competition locally for med school, I would have to get my masters (another 3 years of expenses) to be competitive enough to get in), and there’s still the fact that this would be a barebones, shitty life that would have to stick completely to the script otherwise intense debt would follow. No hobbies, no friends, no sleep, and it would still be nearly impossible in the best case scenario. So yes, I’d waltz right into Afghanistan if it meant there was a CHANCE of not having to pay for this shit.

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