Speed difference between GT and F1 cars. : sports

Speed difference between GT and F1 cars. : sports

Isn’t it funny how watching these two side by side, we can trick our brains into thinking the GT cars are going really slow

I remember reading an article (hopefully correctly) about the Bugatti Veyron, and the reviewer being taking for a ride as a passenger up to its max speed (Google says differently, but at the time I thought it was 236mph).

After they hit it, they of course began to stop the car, and he mentioned getting ready to unbuckle and step out of the car as it finished slowing down—until the driver pointed out they were still going about 70mph.

I know if I am on I-95 and just go from 65 to 35 on the exit ramp how different it feels, like you’re pushing your car with your feet, so it’s interesting to think about how wildly that effect might be magnified so much higher up in speed.

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