Streaming on Netflix vs streaming on Amazon. . . : funny

Streaming on Netflix vs streaming on Amazon. . . : funny

I cancelled HBO Nordic after their browser player wouldn’t work when I was in the hospital without the option to pirate their shows. If you’re gonna make a streaming service, don’t use some no-name third party software to play your files that doesn’t even work, unless it was in-house developed, thats even worse but I never bothered checking. This was just when HBO Nordic launched.

I’d get it to work eventually if I pressed reload enough times(enough times meant 15-30 minutes spent each time I got it to play anything), but then it’d give me an error mid playthrough and I’d have to start refreshing again, couldn’t even get through one episode in the span of 2-3 hours.

Had to get my sister to get GoT on a flash drive and bring it, their costumer service basically told me to be patient while they iron out these bugs that should have been dealt with in internal testing, of a fully paid service, and ignored me when I asked for my money back.

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