The greatest dad joke in movie history. : gifs

The greatest dad joke in movie history. : gifs

Spielberg understands that you don’t need to see the danger right away. Slow build up and get you attached to the characters first. If you don’t care about the characters you will not be invested.

Digression: That to me was Lucas’ mistake with the prequels. I never cared about Anakin and Padme. I felt a closer relationship between Luke and Obi-Wan than I ever did with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon. I really wanted to.

Jaws is a masterpiece of this. You don’t see the shark at all in the first half of the movie, but you don’t need to. He knows how to build suspense. He did the same with Poltergeist, ET, Close Encounters (which has the most amazing build up), and Jurassic Park.

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