The most proud moment of my life to date. My baby could save himself if he fell in the water. : gifs

Awesome!! Congratulations on your little ones achievement! I am actually an instructor of these kind of swim lessons. So I see this all the time and it still gives me chills every time!

Fun fact for you parents out there: we have a natural affinity for water along with a natural ability to control our breath when we are under 6 months old due to the fact that we just came from a fluid filled womb (my company starts lessons as early as 4 months), and some babies pick up these types of skills pretty quickly. Not to rain on OPs parade, but you’d be amazed at how many of your children are also quite capable of doing this type of skill! So get them started, the earlier the better! (And even if they are not infants get them in the pool please! Drowning is unavoidable in some cases, but in many cases it was VERY preventable)

Our lessons are fun and meant to be enjoyable for the infant, with lots of songs and games and plenty of 1 on 1 time with mommy or daddy or whoever decides to get in the water with them. It is a great bonding experience for the both of you.

But BEWARE- there are programs out there that are not so fun for your little one. They may get results in the end but they teach the same skills through submersion trauma (repeatedly dunking a screaming and crying infant underwater aggressively and rapidly) instead of a loving and playful approach. These programs I would definitely NOT recommend! It’s against my personal and professional philosophy to traumatize an infant like that, not to mention the fact that the infant typically will end up swallowing lots of water and could make their stomach very upset.

So please find your local swim school (but do your research first) and get in the water!!

Also a quick word of advice for those about to go sign up- I understand it is a nerve wracking concept to hand your young one to a stranger in the pool and trust them but keep this in mind- if you are nervous before the lesson your child can feed off of that. The most difficult children to teach are the ones (and this is 2-5year olds I’m talking about specifically) that the parent is clinging to on the side of the pool. Prepare them for a fun experience even if you are nervous- it will make the experience go much more smoothly for the both of you. Little things like saying “swim class is going to be so fun, aren’t you excited?!” instead of “let’s go, we have to go to swim class because water is dangerous and you need to learn” can make a HUGE difference.

SOURCE: have been a swim instructor for 11 years now and heavily involved in the swim world for 26 years.

PMs with further questions are most definitely welcome. Hope to see you at the pool soon!!

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