The Office Characters drawn by John Loren : DunderMifflin

The Office Characters drawn by John Loren : DunderMifflin

It’s a combo of a stylistic thing, and a way to add contrast to a face, in some cases. For beginners, noses are notoriously hard to draw. Adding a little color is a way to indicate where it should be without drawing too many lines of its structure.

Then stylistically, red noses have been a thing since the earliest cartoons and animation, half for the contrast issues above. Think the seven dwarves, and stuff like that. But for art that has an old school look, it’s common to add in as a callback.

On the flip side of style, there’s tumblr. Several popular artists would draw a little red in the nose for whatever reason, and people emulated the h e l l out of them. Tumblr art gets a little incestuous, with everyone borrowing bits and pieces of one another’s styles, and the red nose was one of those things that people just kept on with. Either because they thought it looked cool, contrast issues, or stylistic callbacks, or whatever. Hell, I did it for a little while because I thought sickly people looked cool.

So basically, lots of reasons. I’d guess since these are digital paintings done with like… modern shading and coloring, but pretty classic caricature style linework, it’s a callback style choice. I think it makes a lot of the characters much less recognizable, unfortunately. But everybody’s got an opinion. 🙂

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