This best boye helping children testify : dogswithjobs

This best boye helping children testify : dogswithjobs

Kids especially in early childhood can be very distrusting of strangers in general, especially ones they dont recognize as authority figures.

You throw into the mix having to do something traumatic like testify about a crime in court (which is scary even for adults) and you have a situation where the court got nothing useful and the kid is suffering for no good reason.

There’s been a lot of studies about how kids will be more forthcoming when talking to animals, toys, in inanimate objects, anything that will be familiar or at least non judgemental. So trained therapy dogs are used in courts, mental hospitals, special needs schools to help kids communicate information in a way that’s less anxiety inducing. I had a boss that trained her labradoodle to be a certified therapy animal… she was a godsend for clients with avoidant behaviors or who were otherwise easily triggered.

But I think this dog is the girl’s personal therapy dog so it could be with her for any number of reasons from anxiety to autism.

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