TIL that 27-yr-old grad student, Alexandra Elbakyan, put 50 million stolen research articles online for free. Her reason?…Worldwide liberation of knowledge from the tyranny of for-profit publishers. Many academics and longtime advocates for open scholarly research seemed to support her ideology. : todayilearned

Depending on the university, all research publications will be automatically open-source. This is either because the university will pay the publishers through some massive deal or because most research is funded by public bodies (CRUK, Wellcome Trust, EPSRC etc.) and thus open-source fees will be paid for by the grant.

Depending on the field, many journals will allow you to post peer-reviewed accepted manuscripts but not the final, journal edited manuscript to arXiv, bioRxiv, researchgate or your own website.

Lastly, again, this is very university dependent but in many UK universities, PhD theses are automatically open-source and can be downloaded from most university libraries. There are exceptions of course and then they will be embargoed for any number of years.

In any case, the academic publishing business model is ridiculous and downright theft. Researchers produce the material, highly skilled and educated researchers act as consultants for peer-review for free, researchers will take on editorial duties and yet it is the publishers that make bank.

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