TIL that in 1995 a Florida man buried 9 “unwanted” day-old puppies alive in a paper bag, in full view of their tethered mother. Mama dog broke free later and began frantically digging the ground and retrieving puppies, which luckily attracted the attention of a neighbor who phoned police. : todayilearned

Spanish flu effect. If you’re the only one taking a problem seriously, that problem must be extremely bad there.

Chicago is super corrupt because they actively fight corruption and actually jail people for stuff that happens all the time in other cities and states. Florida is crazy, the US is racist because it takes fighting racism seriously.

Mind you, this doesn’t mean there are no lunatics in Florida, that Illinois doesn’t have corruption or that large segments of the US population don’t hold horrible views, but because a place gets shat on for working on changing, the best strategy if you’re a politician is to do nothing.

Canada has a horrible track record when it comes to race relations with re-education centers for kidnapped first nation children being closed just a few decades ago and the Canadian Prime minister ordering a ship full of Jewish refugees to their death with the words “None is too many!”

But they simply ignore it. Canada has problems under its friendly surface but you would never know it from the outside looking in.

Fighting corruption, fighting corporate crime, being transparent, taking issues seriously it’s all being punished. These things are hard enough as is without everyone else putting those efforts down while these problems fester.

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