TIL that in Germany, it is illegal to kill any animal that is a vertebrate “without proper reason” like the animal being ill or a danger to humans. Because of this, all German animal shelters are no-kill. : todayilearned

“If Germany did it like the US they’d be just like the US and have to kill them.” But we don’t. Our system is different – with a different outcome.

We do not have ten times the dogs. We do have the full budget. Because instead of just looking at the strays, shrugging and killing them off, we grip the problem by the roots.

Every single dog has to be registered. Every registered dog has to be vaccinated. Almost every dog is spayed/neutered or at least watched by the owners. If a dog gives birth, its owner is responsible for registering the puppies. If some asshole decides to abandon them somewhere and they survive, they will eventually be caught and registered by wildlife control officers.

Breeders are members of local clubs and thus automatically members of the international breeders Club (which is globally active except in North America). Again, they are registered. There’s paperwork. For every single puppy.

Most Bundesländer (equivalent to states) require your dog to be identifiable by either microchip or tattoo and there’s a “dog tax” (90-160€ a year). And that money is used for shelters, because our budget is defined by our priorities, of which animal welfare is one.

Most shelters rely on donations (40%), small adoption fees (100-200€ for a dog, 30%) and fees the local administration pays them for “storing” found animals (30%, the aforementioned dog tax).

Sure, the shelters themselves have no choice, but the country as a whole has.

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