TIL that in the 1950’s, donut shops were some of the first food businesses commonly open late at night. They became hot spots for police working the night shift since it gave them a place to grab a snack, fill out paper work, or even just take a break. This is why donuts became associated with cops. : todayilearned

Story about being busted by cops cause donuts. So as a kid growing up we were pretty straight edge, cause ka know that was the most hard punk rock at the time, and we were hard. So we get done with a night of skating around town, and by skating I mean me holding a fisheye camera barely being able to coast while I filmed, this was skating for me, watching other people get good while I shoot and edit video… I digress. So we get done at best buy shredding the gnar ass loading dock when we get the brilliant idea to grab coffee and extend the session into the wee hours. We went to hitup the town diner but the crowd was bartards so we went to the donut shop. We pull in and bam a few guys run out of the shop pointing their flashlights at us as we get out of the car. They tell us to sit down on the curb in a line. Were not sure whats up and sober as fuck so we just answer questions politely. Turns out while we were skating a spot they called us in suggesting we were robbing the best buy. We tell them we were skating and show the video… spend the next 30 minutes eating donuts with the cops showing them our skate spots to which they told us when we would be safe skating there and who we should contact if we broke a window. They were clear that for these x hours there was really nobody strolling through so be safe and be responsible. We skated that town all summer and occasionally a cop would show up and say ohh hey it syou guys, yah im heading home next guy ain’t skater friendly….

This was well before every town had a skatepark and the cops knew they were better off not creating criminals out of some kids looking to have good clean fun. Props to the cops, and your welcome for the donuts, we all enjoyed that night.

yah yah I know cool story bro…


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Free Ackrite and Jay Worthy “My Dawgz” Video