TIL then 13 year-old Danielle Lei, a Girl Scout in San Francisco, was the first Girl Scout to make news by selling cookies outside a marijuana dispensary. She sold 117 boxes in 2 hours. : todayilearned

The misconception in this story is that she sold a lot of cookies because people were high and had the munchies. People don’t tend to toke up in shops (cafés yes, but these traditionally aren’t dispensaries in America). People go to shops to shop, and take home their goods.

They’ve likely just dropped a considerable amount of cash (literal, hard currency), because most shops—due to regulation—cannot or will not accept debit or credit transactions. So then they leave, anticipating a positive time with their cannabis.

And they see a little girl selling cookies. They think of getting the munchies at some point, and rationalizing philanthropy with personal gain (cookies while helping is win-win), they give the little salesperson their business. Because marijuana smokers often try to be moral capitalists, and fair people.

So let’s not talk about hungry stoners. Let’s talk about higher concepts. Also, I’m high right now, but have never given my money to a girl scout for cookies. I can’t have gluten and get my sweets from a corporate “farmers market.” Point made. I guess.

Edit: I just ate seven Oreos and regret nothing.

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