TIL to fight illegal logging of their land, an indigenous community of 9000 members in Guyana built a drone by watching DIY videos on YouTube, to film the illegal activities and report the footage to Guyanese authorities. : todayilearned

Materials are scarce in Guyana, and to build a functioning prototype, according to Quartz, “they used bowstrings to tie parts together and a lollipop stick as an impromptu drill.”,The camera, programmed to take a photo every other second, allowed the Wapichan tribe to digitally stitch the images together, post-flight, to create a map of potentially incriminating areas, using freely available “Mission Planner” software. They named the drone Kowada, or Osprey, and continued to improve its reliability by hunting for parts and materials in the nearby South Rupununi area.

The drone looks pretty well constructed.

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