‘Trump never delivered on his promise after his eldest son Donald Trump Jr., son-in-law Jared Kushner and then campaign manager Paul Manafort met with attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya in 2016.’ : worldnews

'Trump never delivered on his promise after his eldest son Donald Trump Jr., son-in-law Jared Kushner and then campaign manager Paul Manafort met with attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya in 2016.' : worldnews

lol. They WANT this.

Here’s /u/HardlySerious to explain it:

“I disagree. I think the reality is much more sinister. I think the Trump-base of the GOP effectively resents Western Democracy, fundamentally, as a system of government. It allows liberals and minorities to have a say, and they’re sick of that being allowed. They’re sick of having their hands tied by all the citizens they’ve classified in their head as not legitimately citizens at all. They want the “real America” back where good ol’ boy white men called all the shots and everyone else could love it or leave it.

That’s why basically announcing that the US is now allied with Russia against Europe doesn’t seem to hurt him in fact his base loves it. They’re not apprehensive even they’re excited. That’s because while they might not be ready to say it yet and tear down the “imagery” of America, support for Russia is rising tremendously on the right because it’s fundamentally the country they hope to someday become.

-It has a hyper-conservative Church that’s boiled Christianity down to nothing except hating the degenerates, demanding piety only for the poor, and has removed all of the love your neighbor stuff completely.

-It’s a fake democracy where a strongman kills all the liberals and reporters and opposition, steals all the money he can, and then smugly lies about it to everyone constantly but rather than be angry they’re proud of him for being so strong which is all they value is Mobster Power.

-It’s a country run by and for corporate oligarchs who do whatever they want with no regulations or media push back or civic resistance of any kind. Their leaders are almost comically corrupt which in their twisted mentality equates to “capability.”

-They hate women, legalized beating them, do it constantly, kill them at absurd rates, and basically openly mock and denigrate them as nothing but fuck holes in official government proceedings just like Trump believes.

-They have a hyper-masculine society, their police are incredibly violent, their military is aggressive and doesn’t care about any international conventions or human rights, they don’t care if torture works they love doing it, and has no core ethics of any kind only pursuit of money and power coupled with a malicious vindictive streak which is the kind of police and military the right loves.

-It’s not a meritocracy where “elitist liberals” with their fancy degrees and education can come to get rich and run everything, it’s about nepotism and networking and politics just like Trump runs his circles. Corruption and connections matter more than “book learning.” You can’t become a liberal tech billionaire and start influencing politics in Russia they’ll just steal your company and exile you if you gain to much power like the VK founder.

-And lastly they’re basically an ethnostate that drives out any “others” and is openly and proudly racist as evidenced by their world cup behavior.

Russia is the right-wing utopia minus the poverty which they’re not that interested in thinking about.

That’s why Trump has a “Russia First” policy. It’s why he literally fist bumps dictators while envying the lack of rule of law in their countries. In that respect he’s actually representing GOP interests. They want America to be like Russia and Turkey, but they want the flavor of authoritarianism to be “‘Merican” and their out-groups include every other person in the country that isn’t them.”

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