Uber loses $900 million in second quarter; urged by investors to sell off self-driving division : technology

im working on a product myself, and honestly the moment you add an app to the equation, costs skyrocket.

They need customer service, many developers, project managers etc.

like, when you start pricing out what you have to sell your product for, bill of materials and labour is one thing.

but then when you add an app into the equation?

overhead becomes software devs (just maintaining function across different devices, OS, browswers etc), project managers, customer support for your millions of customers, support for your thousands of drivers etc.

fact is that they are not charging enough to cover the things you dont see.

Uber is only popular because they are undercutting themselves and everyone else significantly.

I dont know how people can just assume that the trip that would normally cost them $3 by transit, can miraculously be only $6 when you get a private ride.

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