Wanted: Orange Cat : funny

Wanted: Orange Cat : funny

The thing to do is to foster an orange cat from a shelter, one of those cat lady non-profits might be the most likely to consent. Take the cat, for a few hours, spoil him. Then return him to the shelter. Then have him come for another visit, more spoiling, back to the shelter. By that time, he should be comfortable at your home and looking forward to visiting you. When he comes, give him catnip and treats, keep him in a kennel (like a large dog carrier) at first, with everything he needs, so he feels safe and can’t run away. Keep it near where he can see you. Every hour or so, take him out of the kennel and sit him on your lap, and pet, give treats, when it seems he has had enough return him.

Some cats are at a shelter for years, they can use little vacay and attention.

I had a furry cat, i used to take him to get groomed, but not until he was older, he was very big and tough and avoiding strangers. The first time i brought him, he was really scared. When i came back a couple hours later, i swear my cat ( who adored me) was disappointed and didn’t want to come home yet!The lady was a real cat whisperer. She boarded cats when owners went out of town, all the cats where in various kennels around the room, then she would let them out a few at a time, and they would just lounge around as happy as could be.

I have kept some cats here at home for friends who leave town. The cats are fine after a few times. They just need to know it’s safe (no dogs and make sure they can’t get out or hide), and they will be able to go back home.

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