Watching that happen made the water even better : Perfectfit

Watching that happen made the water even better : Perfectfit

I started Soylent around March or April last year. I had a case of tonsillitis followed by pericoronitis, resulting in two molars being removed. Basically, solid food was hell for a month and a half and Soylent was a godsend. I had tried Soylent out a few years beforehand for two weeks when I heard about it, so I wasn’t going in blind.

I decided to stick with it, since I’m broke all the time. A subscription for 28 bags a month at $216 gets me five meals a day for about $1.50 each.

The main draws are that Soylent is a cheap, efficient, and healthy alternative to whatever thoughtless diet I had before hand. Now I can be thoughtless without feeling guilty.

There’s a sleuth of other reasons why I’ve stuck with a 95% Soylent diet for over a year: I don’t have to waste time grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, physically eating, or going out to eat. I’m vegetarian, but the Soylent formula is vegan, so that’s a plus. I can fall asleep sooner than I ever did before, need less sleep, and wake up actually feeling refreshed (didn’t know that was possible.) To top it off, it’s given me the healthiest bowel movements of my life, which is a big deal considering I’ve had constipation issues since I was young.

This comment was not paid for by Soylent.

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