Watching Tiger Woods tee off, 2002 vs. 2018 : sports

Watching Tiger Woods tee off, 2002 vs. 2018 : sports

Criticism of technology is annoying as fuck, not only because each time it’s presented as some kind of insightful observation of how things are bad because of technology, but also because it lacks originality.

Every generation has had changes in technology, a generation adopting the new technology and a generation protesting it and shaking their fist at it. TV, newspapers, radio, portable music players, books.

You can’t have new technology without also having someone telling you how shit was better without it. How we were less isolated, how we had more fun before, how we interacted more, how we enjoyed shit more before, how we paid attention to each other.

That’s fine, adjust your life to it. Make sure you go to concerts, sports and social events without your cellphone. Keep your phone away during meals with your friends. Find out about the news through word of mouth or the obsolete medium of your preference. Rely on spoken testimony of random events that happen on the street: like robberies, crimes, human rights violations. Send messages to your loved ones through smoke signals. Wait til you get home on foot to adjust plans with your friends or family that you could have adjusted through a mobile device. And then come back and tell us about it on the social media of your preference.

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