What a fantastic advertisement idea. : DesignPorn

What a fantastic advertisement idea. : DesignPorn

This is stupid, extremely stupid. What are they selling? It looks like a kitchen. But what are they selling? If this post gets 30k upvotes, how much exposure has that company gotten? I’d say very little. Imagine you get lucky and your ad goes viral, yet it provides no brand awareness? That’s not good marketing.

And part of a strong marketing ad is not it’s cleverness, but how it indirectly solves a problem for me. If I am in the market for a kitchen (I am guessing they are selling kitchen cabinets and stuff?), wouldn’t a good ad make me feel how my life would be improved by choosing their brand?

A kitchen is a vibrant, visual, and generally, family-oriented part of a person’s life. Turning it into a black and white, classified visual gag, like one of those 3d magical patterns we would criss-cross our eyes to see, doesn’t fit.

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