When No One Shows Up for 4-Year-Old’s Birthday, Chuck E. Cheese Employees Buy Him Presents : UpliftingNews

When No One Shows Up for 4-Year-Old's Birthday, Chuck E. Cheese Employees Buy Him Presents : UpliftingNews

I had this happen to my son. We invited 25 people to chuckee cheese, and no one except for my sister and her children showed up.

It was pretty upsetting since I had went all out for the party favor bags and my aunt made this awesome Jake and the neverland pirates cake. We bought the biggest package and ordered ton of food. They all told me by phone that they were coming.

We ended up walking around and inviting kids to the party area to eat pizza, cake, and get party favor bags. All the kids were grateful for the food and free tokens.

After the party I was pretty upset still with everyone that didn’t show up. Almost everyone had the same excuse, something came up and I didn’t think you would notice … or I thought everyone else was going.

Stuff like this sucks, especially if you have always gone to their kids parties, even just for a little bit to make an appearance because you SAID you would be there. It’s been 3 years and we still haven’t had a huge party like that. We do awesome family field trips for birthdays now.

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