When you don’t know if a door is push or pull : gaming

When you don't know if a door is push or pull : gaming

You can push it that direction in the original game. And depending on if you kissed her and some other choices throughout the game, if you choose to save the city instead of Chloe in the end, she gives a kiss that couldn’t be anything but romantic. And if you do decide to save her, you ride off into the sunset in her pickup truck through the ruins of the town.

And in the second game you get Chloe’s back story with Rachel Amber – you don’t have to play that as a relationship, but I definitely did and I’m honestly not sure how some of the stuff in the game works out if you don’t go that direction. I’m pretty sure if you tell Rachel you see each other as “just friends” she reacts with disappointment. It overall just really felt like the game was about their relationship.

That’s assuming you meant Life is Strange of course. In the Last of Us, there’s a prologue where you find out that Ellie’s close friend she makes reference to in the main game was something more. Though maybe you can play that differently too, I definitely played it gay. And then the trailer for the second game is gay as hell.

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