Why Steam? Why are you like this? : gaming

Why Steam? Why are you like this? : gaming

It’s because of ESRB website guidelines.

Youtube, video and even porn sites only ask if you’re 18 or older with a single click, or save your info with your login.

ESRB guidelines want age gates to enter your date of birth, not just click a single button. Steam follows their guidelines, because I guess they may get into some trouble otherwise. It’s legal to do whatever you like in regards to showing M rated games, but by selling games with ESRB ratings, it may be that they want you to follow their guidelines…so Steam does.

ESRB’s website guidelines:

  • Displaying accurate and current ESRB rating information on main product pages;

  • Employing age-gates on video content associated with games rated or anticipated to be rated M (Mature) that restrict access to visitors under the age of seventeen;

  • Ensuring that age-gates are both “age-neutral” (i.e., don’t hint at the age threshold for access) and incorporate an FTC-recognized method for preventing circumvention (i.e., dropping a session cookie to prevent a user from going back and entering a different birth date); and

  • Training all appropriate site managers, producers and/or other employees so that they are aware of the general policies and procedures adopted in this Code.