As Hurricane Lane Swirls Toward Hawaii, Total Home Damage Could Top $8B: CoreLogic

Hurricane Lane Home Damage

As Hurricane Lane advances on Hawaii, nearly 49,000 homes are at high risk of being damaged by the floods.
According to the property analytics provider CoreLogic, the Category 4 Cyclone, could cost the state as much as $8 billion in reconstruction.
While the state is already experiencing heavy winds and torrential rains, Hurricane Lane is expected to accelerate into the biggest storm to hit Hawaii since 1992.
None of the islands are immune from the storm’s havoc. The number of homes at high or extreme risk of flood damage is 36,083 in Oahu, 7,143 in Maui, 3,510 in Kauai and 1,881 homes in the Big Island.
Courtesy of CoreLogic
While this hurricane will not have the geographical reach of last year’s Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, many residents are already being ushered into shelters as the storm prepares to hit sometime between Thursday and Friday.Calculate your cost of disconnectivityConnect the processes that benefit your brokerage, agents and your clients READ MORE
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Article image credited to Photo Credit: Pedro Correa.

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