New NAR Ads Show Homebuyers Weirding Out Over Property Details

NAR Perlorian Brohters Ads

Homebuyers can be a little weird…but don’t worry, Realtors are there to help them with no judgements. That’s the takeaway of a new series of TV ads made for the National Association of Realtors that features potential buyers getting so excited about certain features of properties they’re seeing, they engage in strange behaviors like showering with all their clothes on, while their Realtors calmly continue their showings.
The ads were directed by the Perlorian Brothers of production house MJZ for the creative agency Arnold Worldwide in a distinctive surrealist and mod style, as the trade publication SHOOT Magazine reported.
In one of the 30-second spots, a couple screams indecipherable words at a property’s 12-foot vaulted ceilings as a Realtor looks on, smiling at them.

In another, a fully-dressed man stands and hums blissfully while the water from a stylish rainfall showerhead pours on him.
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Another features a father switching the ceiling lights on and off as his young daughter looks on bemusedly.

And finally, a young couple lies faces down on a wooden floor as a Realtor tells them it’s made from Brazilian walnut.

“In our research, we uncovered that one of the things people like most about Realtors is that they’re forgiving of a client’s home-buying eccentricities – their insecurities, their weird obsessions,” said Josh Kahn, Arnold’s senior vice president and creative director, told SHOOT. “They don’t judge, in fact they do the opposite. They embrace those eccentricities to help a client identify the perfect match.”
NAR regularly releases ads that use creative ways to encourage homebuyers to use the services of a licensed Realtor. Along with designing ads for other real estate companies like the London-based Yopa, the Perlorian Brothers also directed ads for T-Mobile, Domino’s and KFC.
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