Colin Kaepernick to Trademark His Face & Hair

Colin Kaepernick to Trademark His Face & Hair

After Nike enjoyed a major boost from its Colin Kaepernick campaign, Kaepernick himself has made moves to secure his recognizable visage. As ESPN reported, the football player’s Inked Flash company filed a patent with America’s Patent and Trademark Office for a black & white image of Kaepernick’s face and hair (seen in the below Tweet). The filing notes that the image will be used for items such as clothing, toys, candy and mugs. Furthermore, Inked Flash plans to utilize the graphic for “self-empowerment” workshops, on social activism websites, and in the production of TV shows and movies, with partial profits going to the development of Kaepernick’s “Know Your Rights” camps, which educate participants on interaction with police officers. Inked Flash already trademarked the “I’m With Kap” phrase seen on the jerseys and tees released by Kaepernick last month. Most recently, analysts estimated that Nike enjoyed over $63 million USD of ad exposure for Kaepernick’s campaign imagery. JUST IN: @Kaepernick7 applies for a trademark to an image of himself, intends to use to merchandize and to connect it with self-empowerment & education https://t.co/QMfJshzz89 pic.twitter.com/lwzWZdMZwI — Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) October 10, 2018

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