Introducing Kin Moy

Kin Moy

Kin Moy, Looking back at this year, how do you feel 2015 went?

It went pretty good, coming into it I had 5 straight wins and coming into it from the previous year I lost a very controversial split decision to Greg Jackson’s prospect Steve Garcia. It was a great fight and my favorite, because he was 6 ft tall and a knockout artist and we just went at it. Some people were concerned about the height difference and it turned out I was able to land good shots and so was he. When it came to the decision, 2 of the judges had Steve winning and 1 judge had me winning all 3 rounds, even the commentator like Jimmy Smith had me winning all 3 rounds. From that going into 2015 I fought Joey Gomez for the number one spot in New England, but unfortunately it turned out to be a lost. As of right now I am currently ranked number 2 in New England. Overall aside from that one lost I felt that 2015 has been a successful year, because 2 wins in Bellator is huge for me and to be getting noticed for that is a good sign that I am heading in the right direction.

Kin Moy

What was it like to take a fight on short notice? Is that something you would do again?

It is never ideal to fight on short notice, but if the right person calls like Bellator that is right behind UFC I will do it. My manager/coach called me right after 4th of July and I have been eating a lot, so he asked me if I wanted to fight the following Friday and I said no. His response was too bad I signed you up for Bellator, and I started training. What was terrible was that I had to lose a lot of weight in such a short period of time, usually I lose 25-30 pounds when I have 2 months to do it. It was really hard on my body and I missed weight by a couple of pounds which is really disgraceful. The feeling of a come from behind win was great, I don’t regret doing it, but I’m not sure if I would do it again.

Kin Moy

What is your ultimate goal in the MMA?

I have 2 goals one as professional fighter and one as a martial artist. My personal goal as a fighter is to compete at the highest level and push myself as far as I can, and as cliche as that is when I first started I was just a fat and out of shape. All I did was play video games and eat junk food. My father was a fighter and so I wanted to be like him and went to a gym. I was told to lose 30 pounds and then maybe they would take me serious and I kept showing up all the time, that’s where I lost the weight. Slowly I started competing in matches and I liked it, it is an indescribable feeling. I never thought I would go pro or have an amateur fight. I continue pushing myself. The bigger goal in martial arts for me is to open up a gym, right now I have my own personal training business called Kin Kong Training. I focus on trying to help people lose weight, learning how to fight, or compete. Soon in January I will be starting a program called the weekend warrior for people who don’t have the time during the week or money to train like a full time fighter.  My vision is to enhance the experience of how MMA really is and make it fun for everyone.

Kin Moy

What can we expect from you going into 2016?

Continuing to fight in Bellator, but honestly I am just looking for fights that will be exciting and challenging for me. Competing at the highest level is what I want most. I intend to try to expand the Kin Kong Training and the weekend warrior MMA. I think my name is starting be recognized in the MMA world where people are interested and now this is a great time for me to start spreading all the benefits and joys of MMA to other people.

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