Lance Stephenson & JaVale McGee Agree to L.A.

Lance Stephenson & JaVale McGee Agree to L.A.

In the hours following the news, confirming LeBron James’s commitment to join the historic franchise that is the Los Angeles Lakers, new reports have surfaced of two more players who are also set to join the party out west. While many, both within the league and those at home manically refreshing Twitter awaiting word on if Magic Johnson can land the services of Kawhi Leonard, the team appears set to move forward, bringing on Lance Stephenson from the Indiana Pacers and JaVale McGee, who recently helped the Warriors secure another chip. Stephenson is definitely an intriguing option for the team, given his tempered battles with LeBron over the years. The brash shooting guard has consistently gotten under King James’s skin, of course, most famously in the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals dogfight, in which Stephenson was caught blowing into the superstar’s ear. Lance Stephenson has agreed to a one-year, $4.5 million USD deal, while Javale McGee reportedly settles on an undisclosed one-year deal as well. Stay tuned for more attention-grabbing headlines as they appear. In case you missed it, ESPN announces a new 30 for 30 episode on Durant, Westbrook & Harden’s days in OKC. Lance Stephenson is going to LA. (?: 2014) pic.twitter.com/KlzJfC5CtD — Timeless Sports (@timelesssports_) July 2, 2018 Lance Stephenson Agrees To Sign With Lakers https://t.co/lSfZv9HF86 — RealGM (@RealGM) July 2, 2018 JaVale McGee Reaches One-Year Agreement With Lakers https://t.co/h9PMZA7yB3 — RealGM (@RealGM) July 2, 2018

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