LeBron James Adds More Slogans for I Promise School

LeBron James Adds More Slogans for I Promise School

According to new documents obtained by The Blast, NBA superstar LeBron James has just filed paperwork to trademark two new slogans for his I Promise School. Opened two months ago in James’ hometown of Akron, Ohio, the public I Promise school aims to help out underprivileged and at-risk children in the local community. Along with the already filed trademark phrases, “Nothing is given. Everything is earned,” as well as “I PROMISE School, More Than a School,” James has added in “Habits of Promise” and “I Promise Circles.” Each of these phrases will be used to advertise the I Promise school and will be found printed on a slew of T-shirts, sweatshirts and other similar merch. Already providing education to 240 third- and fourth-graders, the school aims to reach 1,000 kids spanning first to eighth grade by the year 2022. In an interview with Pro Basketball, James stated: “This school is so important to me because our vision is to create a place for the kids in Akron who need it most—those that could fall through the cracks if we don’t do something. We’ve learned over the years what works and what motivates them, and now we can bring all of that together in one place along with the right resources and experts. If we get to them early enough, we can hopefully keep them on the right track to a bigger and brighter future for themselves and their families.” In related news, the LeBron James-produced documentary Student Athlete released its first trailer.

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