Nike Awards Contract to Cerebral Palsy Athlete

Nike Awards Contract to Cerebral Palsy Athlete

In a move that saw Nike make college sporting history, although, in a manner far different from anything it has ever been involved with before, the sporting giant awarded a college distance runner living with cerebral palsy an athlete contract, making him the very first athlete with the condition to join the Nike family. Justin Gallegos is a dedicated cross-country runner who dreams of completing a half marathon in under two hours, and now has a professional support system to help see it through. In the video above, Justin can be seen working through what appears to be a typical run, however, is shocked upon crossing the finish line by a Swoosh rep who hands him his own Nike contract. Taken aback by the kind gesture, Justin — filled with emotions — falls to his knees in astonishment, while his teammates happily cheer him on. Check out the video above for a look at this heartfelt moment. In other sports-related news, Colin Kaepernick trademarked his face & hair.

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