Paul Rodriguez’s ‘Road to Recovery’ Video Series, Ep 1

Paul Rodriguez's 'Road to Recovery' Video Series, Ep 1

While there was no mentioned of it during his appearance on Complex’s June episode of Closets, despite sporting a massive knee brace, Paul Rodriguez stopped by The Nine Club last week where he unveiled he did in fact suffer the worst injury of his career. To be exact, P-Rod hit the “terrible triad,” where one fully or partially tears their ACL, MCL and Meniscus, but that’s not all: the influential skater also sprained his LCL and has two micro-fractures on his knee. It’s by far the gnarliest of injuries, but certainly a tough one to rehab, and a true test of Paul’s will to return to his former self. P-Rod will be documenting his road to recovery in a video series with the same name. In the first episode, we not only hear what happened immediately before and after the injury, but we get to see footage of the fall – along with some annoying dad trolling the athlete  just mere moments after the spill. Check out the video above, and be sure to subscribe to P-Rod’s YouTube channel to stay up to date on his progress. For more from the world of skateboarding, check out Andrew Reynolds in New Era’s “Home Field” video.

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