Supreme Donates £50,000 to Southbank Skatepark

Supreme Donates £50,000 to Southbank Skatepark

Fashion label Supreme has donated £50,000 GBP (approximately $66,000 USD) to the restoration of London’s Southbank Skate Park, according to the project’s organizers. The skatepark focuses mainly on the “undercroft” section of the Southbank complex that was first utilized in 1973. By the 1980s, the spot was known by skaters and passerbys alike and often referred to as the epicenter of UK skateboarding — the space also serves as a shelter for the homeless with the area coined as Cardboard City. A “Long Live Southbank” campaign was started in 2013 to restore the space and preserve it for future use and keep, with a successful legal guarantee granted in 2014. The project receives donations to this day, with Supreme’s sizable charity being the latest in the cause to restore the legendary location. To learn more about Long Live Southbank, visit the official website.

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