Tom Brady’s Amazing Come Back Superbowl 2017 – Win A Free Patriots Jersey

The super bowl 2017 went down as one of the best matches that ever were. Describing it as historic would be an understatement. It happened at the NRG stadium located at Houston. The stadium had carried roughly 71000 fans. The seemingly nature’s favorite New England patriots were crushing with Atlanta falcons and they literally carried the day. The most outstanding players to watch were the legendary Tom Brady of the patriots and Matt Ryan of the falcons. Others who did extraordinarily well were Amendola, White and Devonta Freeman.

The game started on a very cautious note with the first quarter ended scoreless. On the second half, Devonta Freeman opened the score book with an outstanding short run. Rookie Austin made it 14-0 after a spectacular assist from Ryan…in the history of the league, no team had ever won the super bowl after a trail of ten plus. The falcons were sure that they would win. Robert Alford intercepted Brady and made what would be described as the run of the half. He did an astonishing 82 yards to the end. It was surely a bad day for the patriots. Stephen Gostkowski did a desperate field goal that at least ensured the patriots escaped the shame that comes with a nil-thrush. The first half ended 23-3. At the start of the third quarter, it seemed like Ryan had recharged. He made an indescribable 85 yard run before passing to Tevin Coleman. Just like that, the usually relentless patriots were 28-3 down.

The patriots head coach, Bill Belichik, at the verge of the fourth quarter must have promised his players each a Lamborghini should they win. How tables turned around in the final quarter shall forever remain a mystery. Tom Brady made it 28-12. He surely had consumed fire as he sacked Ryan, made an incredible run, found the ever ready Danny Amendola who brilliantly raised the hopes for his team. It was 28-20. He surely had sunk the falcons into a pool of worry. A penalty put the falcons out of the goal range. This supplemented with brilliant passes from Brady surely meant hell for the falcons. They literally rarely touched the ball. Julian Edelman gave his all when he did a do or die-but will die anyway body twist to haul a ball that had been considerably deflected. White made it 28-26. The game was then tense, on and full of dedicated energy. Brady was not done yet. He was surely the people’s favorite who had a favorite too-Amendola. He found him and unbelievably the game was level.

It went on to overtime, for the first time ever in the more than fifty years of its history. It seemed like the falcons had already given up as patriots dominated much of the extra time. Brady Went on to make a pass to Bennett but as nature would have it, pass interference was called and that was the ultimate bullet from the patriots to the doomed falcons. No one could believe their eyes as White plunged with prowesses putting the patriots ahead. The game ended 34-28 in favor of new England patriots. It was silence in the stadium followed by deafening noise. This game was surely a real and earthly proof that nothing is impossible. Dan Quinn, falcons head coach congratulated his boys for putting up a dedicated fight.

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The national football league is the world’s highest level of American football and it consists of 32 teams that are equally divided between the National football conference and American football conference. Super bowl is the Cream of American football. It is the crown and the culmination of the regular season. The day of the game is known as the super bowl Sunday. Green bay packers had the most championship titles before the start of the super bowl and 4 super bowl titles. Pittsburgh Steelers had the most super bowl titles. The super bowl 2017 has been quite an interesting one.

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