Tony Hawk & Rodney Mullen Talk at VMworld 2018

Tony Hawk & Rodney Mullen Talk at VMworld 2018

Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen are two of the biggest names in all of skateboarding. Formerly of the legendary Bones Brigade crew as youngsters, Tony went on to become a cultural icon after dominating the vert scene for nearly two decades, while Rodney is often affectionally referred to as the godfather of street skating. So, when these two icons, and longtime friends, come together to educate us, the unworthy, it’s a must watch. For VMworld – a global conference on virtualization and cloud computing — Hawk and Mullen were asked by IBM to give lectures on, as the video description describes, “sourcing the creative process, successful entrepreneurship, the never-ending quest for innovation, life as a skateboard champion and video game star, and how to keep the work fun in the face of success, failure, broken bones, and changing cultural and business trends.” Listen in to the 50-minute talk above. In other skateboarding news, see what went down at the always-wild Dime Glory Challenge 2018.

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