Vans Skate Team “Shikumen” Shanghai Video

Vans Skate Team “Shikumen” Shanghai Video

Vans Asia got a hold of an old Shanghai lane house and let their skate teams from all around the world grind all over the city in a new vid. Dedicated to the “Shikumen” lane house, the video of the same name features Vans’s USA, France, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan teams executing their best tricks in the urban streets of Shanghai. Watch as they dodge scooters while scaring onlookers with their highflying techniques. The luscious landscapes were filmed and edited by Tommy Zhao and Liu Maomao while featuring the likes of Chima Ferguson, Piet Guilfoyle, Mike Lee, and more. Check out the visuals above, then witness skate phenom Zion Wright get busy in this recent vid.

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