Watch the Palace “Betamaximum” Skate Film

Watch the Palace

Fresh from its tennis-themed adidas collaboration, Palace follows up last year’s Palasonic with a brand new skate video. Titled “Betamaximum Palace,” the video appears to be mostly shot in the U.S. – including spots in Hawaii — and features appearances from some of the London-based label’s best-known faces including Lucien Clarke, Lucas Puig and Benny Fairfax. The lo-fi “Betamax”-style clip — which comes in at just over 10 minutes — also features appearances from Shawn Powers, Danny Brady, Rory Milanes, Jamal Smith, Juan Saavedra and Chewy Cannon. Check out the full “Betamaximum Palace” video above. After you’ve watched the clip, refresh your memory of every piece from Palace’s Wimbledon adidas collaboration before it drops this week. M.A.H.A.L.O @palaceskateboards ??? Link dans la bio pour la fulledit♻️? A post shared by LucasPuig (@lucaspuig) on Jul 2, 2018 at 3:37am PDT Read Full Article

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