X-Games Honors Bob Burnquist in Latest ‘Being’ Episode

X-Games Honors Bob Burnquist in Latest 'Being' Episode

As one of the first Brazilian skaters to break into a predominantly American industry, Bob Burnquist is a legend to say the least. His tricks are technical, but also also unbelievably innovative; that many would go as far as to say he’s not even from this planet after seeing him skate. He inspired a new class of skaters during the ’90s, and set the stage for other Brazilian riders like Rodrigo TX, Feilpe Gustavo, and Letcia Bufoni. Since then, he’s become the President of CBSk (Confederação Brasileira de Skate), and has put together Brazil’s upcoming Olympic skate team for 2020. Looking back on the impact of his career, X Games honors the legendary Bob Burnquist in its latest episode of Being. The upcoming X Games runs from July 19-22 this year. Watch the episode in full above, where Tony Hawk, and X Games medalists Mitchie Brusco, and Tom Scharr and more pay tribute to him. In other skate-related news, check out Andrew Reynold’s in the latest New Era video.

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