Zion Wright “Jupiter Rising” Video Part for Real

Zion Wright

Following Zion Wright’s first full-length part with Real Skateboards back in June, the 19-year-old phenom adds one final submission to his claim for SOTY with this new part. “Jupiter Rising” is an eight-minute clip of Zion at his best, killing rails and flying over gaps with a devilishly-handsome smile. Fellow Nike SB rider Ishod Wair even makes a guest appearance. In a brief interview on ThrasherMagazine.com, Zion talks about his recently surgery, signing to Hot Wheels, buying cribs and more. Peep a snippet below: How are you doing today, Zion?
I’m doing good. I’m just dealing with this shit. I just got surgery on my knee. I got my meniscus taken care of. I tore it at the US Open at the beginning of the year. Was it a gradual thing or did it tear from a slam?
It tore but I was skating on it since August so it kept getting more fucked up. Back to your injury, how long until you’re fully back on board?
They’re saying February but depending on rehab and how well I do it, I’ll be back sooner. What are the details on the surgery? Did you have to get a dead guy’s meniscus?
Nah, they repaired it. I also had two screws in my femur which they removed. If you were hurt, when did you film for this part?
The last part came out four or five months ago, so I would say I started right before August. I tried to get out there, got on a few trips—a trip to Sac, some side missions to Albuquerque, Texas and shit. We also went to Australia. Within these last couple months, I’ve been filming. I managed to get it all done before I had surgery so it ended up working out. Check out Zion’s “Jupiter Rising” video part for Real above. In other skateboarding news, Supreme just dropped its latest full length film BLESSED.

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