3 Tips for Better Color in Your Videos

3 Tips for Better Color in Your Videos

3 Tips for Better Color in Your Videos

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Whether you’re shooting with a RED Weapon or a basic DSLR, Color correction is an important step to get professional grade video and photography. Here’s a quick tutorial on how WE could do better..

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Jeffrey Knipe - 11 months ago

A like just for admitting there are always trolls. haha!

David Shelton - 11 months ago

You only have 225 days remaining on your CalMAN Ultimate for business subscription. If anyone needs to make a sale for color display calibration software, contact Linus Tech Tips in 225 days!

MattShnoop - 11 months ago

Yay, Brandon is my favourite host 🙂

dann462 - 11 months ago


harrifiedify - 11 months ago

1:10 I half expected him to make an arch with his hands and say "Hello, my name is Brandon Lee"… like a supervillain.

mohawkade - 11 months ago

I just ended up picking up one of these monitors and now all my professional apps (adobe, davinci resolve) just freeze up and are unusable.

H Koizumi - 11 months ago

Do people complain about color difference from scene to scene? I have no idea it was such a big deal.

Bruno Rantin Po - 11 months ago

These troll posts about "this is useless because: yt compression" are really dumb. While compression in general can ruin small details, like making downsampling from 4k to 1080p kinda useless, that has NOTHING to do with proper grading, color hegemony, proper exposing and white balancing of your scenes. Did you guys even watch the video, or did you simply fail to grasp any of it?

Jeudy Guzman Hernandez - 10 months ago

i just want videos and pictures and images to look the same as life

Johnny Cache - 10 months ago

There's just not enough color without Max… ;(

Can I get 1 million subs plz - 10 months ago

Couldn't tell the difference.

MADagain - 10 months ago

Up until the Black case part I agreed with everything you said… justttt don't add too much teal/orange to ruin the colour of the product you're filming. Similar looks can be achieved by lowering either the contrast or the shadows and bringing up the highlights, to effectively brighten the image but play around with it to get the best results.

Cherry Smoke - 10 months ago

Let's be honest, no one notices this

MrTingles - 10 months ago

literally no one notices those things tho…

Mike Soda - 10 months ago

Brandon, the original videos didn't bother me at all despite how jarring ya thought they were. I don't know what percentage of your viewers are that damn picky but damn. They should just be grateful y'all are giving them free PC information in the first place. Although I guess Floatplane users might expect better for their sub fee so idk, it don't bother me though.

CalculatinGenius - 10 months ago

damn this makes me realize how much my color correction sucks

Amin EnJan - 10 months ago

2:54 Taran is going crazy !

Adrian H. - 10 months ago

Here's a tip to better color your videos. Be a minority. Ok nevermind I'll leave.

Ali Nadem - 10 months ago

Waste of time, your audience won't care

Wiry - 10 months ago

rgb linus ecksdee

mocochang - 10 months ago

That weird moment you think the 'before' looks better in almost every example…

Dennis PlayZ - 10 months ago

Your channel sucks you fucking hedgehog

Ash Scott - 10 months ago

"Brandon Lee", huh? Little insensitive, but okay. At last he's not Asian….oh.

Sean Byrne - 9 months ago

Vectorscopes are a big help in getting skin tones in the right place

Ronald C Krause Jr - 9 months ago

Tips for better video work…

1. Try to get the settings correct in camera – especially color temperature, focusing, and as best exposure as possible. Also pay attention to depth of field.
2. Try to use manual settings whenever possible; as with almost any camera that uses setting which are not ideal.
3. Take color temperature test pics/video whenever possible; especially when the Sun is at a low angle. Which is why they sell color test patterns.

4. No matter how expensive the camera is; if one can afford to – get secondary exposure and color temperature meters.
5. For people that really need to edit a lot, editing is to fix items that were done improperly during recording

darknessviking - 9 months ago

lol literally who cares its just you at the office who cares

Adrian Bourdaa - 9 months ago

100% honest.
I only agreed with 1 of the color corrections.
All of the other ones while yes more artistically consistent they looked corrected, they didn’t look good. Like when you see a magazine and you can 100% tell they used photoshop way too much.

Jonathan Soko - 9 months ago

I have no clue what any of this means

roger douglas - 9 months ago

cant watch brandon, skip

Martin Cameron - 9 months ago

I've colour graded many videos and your videos always seem wrong. There was a time that Linus' skin was orange in every video.. It was very off-puting.

danielsjohnson - 9 months ago

You guys' colors are already so good I didn't notice a difference in the before/after pictures except for 2:38.

Bran Tse Mallory - 9 months ago

Tip 1: Take a look at the real world and realise you darken everything way to much for it to be realistic looking thus rendering all of your expensive Red equipment useless. The real world is not black during daylight Linus.

Carlos Ferrari - 7 months ago

6:31 – As accurate as the colour corrections lol 😛

Aaron Lowe - 7 months ago

I really appreciate Brandon's commitment to making LTT videos look nice. Everything in the set design- the blue and yellow choices, the colors of the props- everything Brandon does to make the colors and lighting nice make everything look oh so profesional. This is part of the reasons why I can't stand watching TheGamersNexus. Their lighting is off the charts harsh in every way.

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