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3 Unknown Websites You Definitely Need to Know About

3 Unknown Websites You Definitely Need to Know About

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Unknown websites probably number in the millions by now, given the vast size of the Internet. We all use popular websites like Google, YouTube, and Facebook on a daily basis, but there are tons of unknown websites on the Internet that are just as fun, useful, or interesting. I’ve hunted for such websites, and I’ve compiled a short list of unknown websites that you should definitely check out if you find yourself bored on the Internet one day.

GeoGuessr (https://geoguessr.com) plants you in the middle of a random place on Earth, and you have to try to guess where you are. The closer you are to the actual location, the more points you receive. You can play by city, by country, or with no limits—try to guess where you are when the entire planet is a possibility! You can play as a Single Player or in Challenge Mode, and both are equally enjoyable. You can even sign up for an account to keep track of your points and receive statistics. GeoGuessr provides the perfect amount of entertainment to satisfy you on a rainy afternoon when there’s nothing else to do and you want to practice your geography skills a little bit.

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MyNoise.net (https://mynoise.net) contains countless different sounds that you can customize to play in the background. From natural noises to atmospheres to synthetic noises, there’s a wide variety of sounds on here that you can listen to at any time. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, Ocean Waves may be the solution to your insomnia. If you’re finding it difficult to focus while you’re studying, White Noise may be the suitable background sound to sharpen your concentration. Don’t underestimate just how useful this website may be!

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FutureTimeline.net (www.futuretimeline.net) is definitely one of the coolest unknown websites I’ve ever explored. It’s a timeline, based partly on fact and partly on fiction, that’s constructed from detailed research. This research includes “analysis of current trends, long-term environmental changes, advances in technology, future medical breakthroughs, the evolving geopolitical landscape and much more”. The timeline explores events from the current day all the way up to beyond 1 million A.D. I’ve had a great time on this website for hours!

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Hopefully you get a chance to check out these three unknown websites. There’s never a dull moment on the Internet when there are so many awesome websites for you to visit!

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~ Nastassia

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