Apple Is Ditching Yet another Key Attribute For The Apple iphone 8

If you are 1 of these individuals who does not deal very well with adjust, glimpse away now. 

In accordance to a report in the Wall Avenue Journal, Apple are about to ditch yet another Apple iphone aspect and cause the technologically engaged planet to dive head 1st into a full-blown method meltdown.

The victim this time is not the headphone jack, nor the residence monitor button. This time, Apple Inc. are ditching their Lightning Port for a new USB-C port, marking yet another change for the iPhone’s style and design.

In conditions you and I will recognize, the charging port you presently plug your cell phone into – at all much too frequent intervals concerning deleting apps and desperately attempting to preserve your cell phone battery – is going to glimpse really different when the new Apple iphone 8 is rolled out.

The USB-C port is a aspect far more typically linked with new Android smartphones releases.

However, it’s not fully new territory for Apple, who introduced the USB-C port on its MacBooks in 2015.

The adjust is set to be pricey for each accessory manufactures and Apple users – which is you and me.

In other text, it’s going to value every person a little fortune to hold up with Apple’s at any time-modifying technologies.


Wall Avenue Journal


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