Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality? The Argument For The Next Generation From 2016 and Beyond | Rare Norm

Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality? The Argument For The Next Generation From 2016 and Beyond

Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality Augmented Reality or Virtual RealitySo as most of you may know Virtual reality has been on the rise since earlier this year. PlayStation has released their own VR component and many smaller VR firms have had their go in the untapped market. With the Occulus rift also being released in Q1 of the 2016 year. Virtual reality is looking bright. The market is new, fresh and a lot of people have faith in the products yet to come.

With that being said, how long of a life span will virtual reality actually have?

I did some searching as I looked for the answer, because in my brain nothing more could expand from it. You could put on a helmet and enter a virtual world, but you’d still have to use a controller and I was fine with that. It’d be the last of the gaming generation before we were physically transported into games. But as I looked hard for that answer I landed on something a bit extraordinary. A step above Virtual reality i thought didn’t exists or would ever.

Thus leading me to find Augmented reality.

There is a start up company working on AR called Magic Leap. They have raised about 827 million in a Series C Funding round and they plan on getting more. That would make Magic Leap one of the largest and most highly funded startups in the world. Magic Leap’s promised “augmented reality” is even more ambitious than virtual reality efforts by Facebook’s Oculus and others because it promises to layer digital images on top of the real world through special eyeglasses. A few other companies, like Microsoft’s HoloLens, have demonstrated similar technology using stereoscopic techniques to create the illusion of 3D, but Magic Leap says it can project ”digital lightfields” into the user’s eyes for greater realism. The product is yet to be release but has very high hopes.

This being said, would you skip the steps of virtual reality and head straight into augmented reality? or would you forget the whole concept of augmented reality and focus your efforts on virtual?

Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality?

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