Control Your PC from ANYWHERE! - Pulseway Showcase

Control Your PC from ANYWHERE! – Pulseway Showcase

Control Your PC from ANYWHERE! – Pulseway Showcase

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Jose Alfredo - last year

Parsec is where it's at. I can play games with little lag from 3K miles away for free. Same for everyday tasks that requires my desktop's computing power.

Early Wynn - last year

I found Parsec gaming is a way better solution. The remote client is so low latency you can really remote gaming even on system in different countries.

Douglas de Oliveira Cardoso - last year

what kind of team viewer is this?

theLMGN - last year

this has been done 5 million times before

Hennie Leermans - last year

You should put solarpanels and a beehive on the roof 🙂

Christian Himmler - last year

Remote Control is only available if you pay for 25 devices, even if you only have less then that.

Subbestionix - last year

Nice – team viewer sucks 🙂

FishBreak Games - last year

any Parsec boys here?

SeaDraGraphics - last year

I use Chrome Remote Desktop. Very easy to use and very handy on a smartphone.

Mike Soda - last year

I'd rather pay money to guarantee my PC can 100% never be accessed remotely than to do it myself.

Fre - last year

Razer blade stealth or xps 13?

WeebTaki Da Weeb - last year

4:00 why did he is specifically mention raspbian…. Why is that any more significant than other, more popular distros like Ubuntu or RHEL…. Or even just Debian…. Cuz it's not like raspbian is just an SoC optimized version of Debian…. Oh wait a minute….

oreskec - last year

can you actually control your pc? like, move my mouse, click on stuff on my computer from my phone?

G K - last year

Why not just use steam link for free?

FREAKBOY_ GAMING - last year

how the fuck did u get ed sheeran in the video?

The Kerbal King - last year

Can you do a video on wake on lan?

NoLoseJustLearn - last year

Why doesn't everybody use chrome remote desktop?

Manuel85 - last year

amazin, now you can watch youre p0rn collection wherever you travel! wait a second, i could do that years already, just convert into proper media file that youre phones can handle it…
now i need to start travelling tho, i never go anywhere :l

infant jerald - last year

its like nearby anydesk

Toasty Todd - 11 months ago

Thanks LTT I needed this.. As i dont use my other pcs all for mining, so the mining software to remote in, is practically useless to me. I needed a way to control those machines with more than predetermined commands and Teamviewer sorta FUCKED me on this.. commercial use detected bullshit.. and then doesn't even offer a reasonable cost to purchase.. assholes..

quadrplax - 11 months ago

Wow, no ad at the end of the video! Oh wait…

Pralay Aryan - 11 months ago

why is ur rooftop covered with stones and pebbles ? do u guys throw stones to moving cars from ur roof?

Insanely Random - 11 months ago

His laptop ontop of the green ventilator look like a roblox character

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David Bubeník - 11 months ago

reminds me 2014 video from NCIX Tech Tips 😀

David Bubeník - 11 months ago

"The Free plan doesn’t allow for Remote Desktop sessions." Sorry Linus but you cannot compare this with TeamViewer

Trish Vincent - 11 months ago

Can someone use this to monitor my computer data, and pages I visit, looke a spy? Cause I know someone who had this app on their phone and I heard my computer running harder than harder than usual.

N0D3 - 11 months ago

Just install any proper Remote Administrator Tool. Not this commercial bullshit 😀 I have done it for years.

Hentie - 10 months ago

I am using the free 2 license version at home, to manage the primary home systems. And found it a great product.
Just wish I could get a few more licenses for the other home systems.
Would be great to manage all the home pc's and laptops. Like, wife and kids. Making sure the systems are secure, patched and anti virus is up to date.
Bit pricey when trying to manage about 5 home systems that would cost $47 per month

Ami Hoosin - 10 months ago

Well i can just ssh into my server (using termux or even CMD (u have to install ssh add on) and then i can run top to see the amount of cpu being used and processes . Etc. Oh and its totally free. (My server has no GUI or DE)

Neowise - 9 months ago

remote windows update? nice. now i can delete all my files remotely

Krystian Blaszkowicz - 8 months ago

you can accomplish the exact same thing with spiceworks for free. might not be as streamlined but from what I can see its pretty much identical in functionality. if you are only interested in monitoring then Zabbix another nice free tool, its extremely customizable and has a much larger community that have produced all the monitoring templates you will need for SNMP, IPMI, iLO, iDrac… monitoring.

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