Did Intel CHEAT on Benchmarks?? - The WAN Show Oct 12, 2018

Did Intel CHEAT on Benchmarks?? – The WAN Show Oct 12, 2018

Did Intel CHEAT on Benchmarks?? – The WAN Show Oct 12, 2018

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Timestamps courtesy of theDarkPotato

0:00 Linus Installs a Soundbar with Alex
1:04 Projector Brand Reaches out to Linus
6:45 Google Pixel 3 and Hangouts Issue
13:35 Pocophone Thoughts
18:14 Hangouts Bug
20:43 Antec DF-85 Rant
24:30 Apple Watch going haywire
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28:17 SPONSOR: Private Internet Access
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30:30 Nick Comes Down and Turns on YouTube Memberships
30:53 Linus Explains Ways to contribute to LMG
36:15 Floatplane Milestones
36:58 Floatplane Early access
39:00 Floatplane Hire
43:40 Intel 9th Gen Talk and Principled Technologies
55:24 One more thing- Facebook Data breach
56:00 Officially Licenced Nintendo Wireless Gamecube Controllers coming to switch
56:08 Google Plus Hack and EOL
56:15 WAN Show Outro

Ben FR27 - last month

I like Intel but ….

New results from Principled Technologies (PT):


Core i9-9900K Vs Ryzen 7 2700X, + 12% in gaming against a price increase of 66%.
R7 2700x to 330 euros down and i9 9900k to 700 euros.
AMD made a pretty good in terms of technology and energy consumption.
Make the bad ad for AMD while their older processor rivals almost with the latest Intel processor is not reassuring!

CES 2019: Ryzen 3, Vega 20 and 7 nm


Brolivia Wilde - last month

I won't unsub, becuase LTT doe, for the vast majority of their content have some interesting and entertaining content, but their segment on PT and Intel does earn this video a thumbs down.

Ayyy Lmao - last month

Get off intels balls, nerd

StopaskingformynameYouTube - last month

The level of mistrust i have for Linus Sebastian right now is at an all time high.

Samira Peri - last month

Hey, I've had 8 3.5" drives in one PC! Granted, it was a file server thingy, but still. 😀 That case had weird fitment issues too (at least with an Abit BP6 mobo), like installing memory basically couldn't be done while the mobo was installed and the lower drive bays were in use. And the side panels resonated. And the front panel was solid, like some 20 years newer cases I could mention, and drilling a fan-sized hole dropped drive temps by 10 degrees C. And upper rear drive bays were so far up you needed extra long cables. And the case wasn't deep enough that you actually had decent room if the front bays had optical drives in them. And since it was 20 years ago, it was beige! (Yes, beige, that creamy/tan-like color, not light grey.)

Chris H - last month

If we ignore it then it will only grow. We need to stop bad practices.

Drew Pickard - last month

I just want to point out its not always you need to do a full on rom, a different launcher can make a world of difference. I've been using Nova pro for a very long time. I always give a phone a shot stock but wind up going with Nova……until the Note 9. The stock launcher has not pissed me off yet. The Keyboard is just bad though, I'm surprised i havnt heard about that in your reviews. I know everybody with a Samsung I know complains about that key board

TheShadowWw - last month

heads up on the game mode http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVNRNOcLUuA&

Reaver - last month

sponsored by intel®

Drew Pickard - last month

Damn it STOP SAYING HEY GOOGLE ON STREAMS. It just did all the stuff your complaining about on mine

Diego Gomez - last month

Hey about game mode, i found an actual case where it works quite good, on the lenovo yoga book (windows10) , on normal the game oxygen not included runs laggy as hell, but on game mode is actually not that bad :D, it runs smoother

Kobe Kabir - last month

Linus sucks Intel's lollies and he loves it… unsubscribed.

Drew Pickard - last month

I agree these Principle benchmarks are advertising not real reviews and should be ignored. BUT at this point I'm tired of this trash and I think others are. I mean we are hot off the heels of Nvidia 2080 launch and misleading benchmarks. Which was hot off the Intel 28 core 5ghz chiller fiasco. The real deal here is Intel and Nvidia pretty much own their markets and things like this they can get away with and do. If AMD tried to do something like this it would really hurt them bad. We all knew the 9900 was going to be faster than a 2700x intel/principle didnt need to "cheat""or fake ignorance to show that

Daniel Ladishew - last month

Are you guys ignorant about Hacksmith, because he already did the projector drive in theater thing…. just saying, your writers ~might be in trouble about calling that an "original" take on it.

tony bony - last month

No, sadly I'm gonna say Linus went from my favorite tech youtuber to one of the worst ones he's completely biased towards Intel and can't even accept that including that AMD is a good company and does make good chips that would make good competition for us so they would race to make better chips but nope lets just say that AMD is trash because I'm sponsored and I don't really care about the people that's why I lied about AMD VS INTEL, and if you guys know anything about CPU you know what I'm talking about if you saw that video and I was watching his videos for years and the past few months after all of this, Linus why would you do this for money <————— linus the only tech review company that doesn't care about tech if he did he would care about the improvements AMD made and competition.

huma474 - last month

The faulty testing was designed to allow Intel to game their stock price – the PT numbers were put out to encourage investments because they allow them to put out a notice with the message "We're 50% better than competition". Tech news choosing to not attempt to confirm or refute the data is to be complicit in intel's attempt to manipulate the main stream press

Niall - last month

Wan show is so much better without Linus

TheIronCalves - last month

Linus Shill Tips

capitalG386 - last month

my standard practice for any cpu or gpu upgrade – is to wait at least 6 months to a year so people have time to get the bios on mobo's upto speed get used to the hardware and other such things and figure out how to work them right – then look at that information so that i know roughly what direction the wind is blowing with that product – if its simply left flapping in the wind i know its usually not worth my money time effort or aggravation – then i can look at other products that i was holding back on to see that specific data and see how they stand and make a sound decision.

Brian Z - last month

Okay who else finds Linus drinking from a giant metal bottle with ice every 30 seconds super annoying. I understand the need to stay hydrated but common Linus drink from a cup with without ice the sound drives me nuts. :-/

Nemesis1ism - last month

A lot of hate out there considering INTEL has the best gaming cpu on earth . With gaming mode on it does indeed make a difference. when AMD introduce AVX CLAIMING THERE AVX WAS BASICLY SAME AS INTELS. NOW we all know that was a lie yet you all sucked in

John Gault - last month

It wasn't cheating… clever marketing to abuse the trust of rubes that support their fantasies.

Let's be honest..99% of PC's are in the 90% CPU idle territory. Most people have grossly mismatched tools to needs, to feel successful, and blame the failures of judgement on someone else. So, what exactly is being created other than what was sacrificed to have?

goten259 - last month

Holy hell how do you care so little about this benchmark Bullshit. Test the two cooler see if there's a difference. Run the tests see the difference. Love your Intel Ads though.

Cosmic Revival - last month

unsubbed. not saying you're bought but you're certainly not objective anymore.

Riashad Foysal - last month

Waw, Linus, this was very much unexpected from you blatantly defending Intel over this issue. At least, be neutral if not a biased judgementalist or at least do proper research prior commenting on something that you did not completely understand.

CS - last month

ryzen xfr self-overclocks higher with a better cooler, it checks the temps. i get 4.0 to 4.1 xfr in a microatx case because i use an aio. but doesn't matter, the PT benchmarks got owned by gamers nexus and hardware unboxed.

tehgman2 - last month

Ugh PIA do not show $2 a month if I cant actually pay that way!

Johney Five - last month

15 min in and you havent said a word about microsoft…

N0RSEY - last month

came here for linus intel shill bias, wasn't disappointed

jesse-lee Armfield - last month

Did anybody else see the comment that somebody paid for? haha.

"Samson stopped you remapping the bigzby button to googles service 😕 Not consumer friendly"

2ndLastJedi - last month

50:03 why did Steve from GN go on his witch Hunt like the righteous one ?

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