Duo Skin Temporary Tattoos could be the future of device control !

MIT has developed Duo Skin a temporary tattoo that can control any of your devices. The temporary tattoo lets you control any device directly from your skin.Duo Skin Technology

The name of the device is Duo Skin and it was developed by a team at MIT. With an eye on a very functional and fashionable device. With the duo skin applied you can create any interface on your skin.

The team used gold leaf to create a metallic shine without losing functionality. They start this process by creating  a surface using any graphic software , then lay down the tattoo paper under gold leaf to carefully cut out the design. Depending on the function the team adds a NEC chip or a Thermochrmoic layer, then the apply it like a normal temporary tattoo.Duo Skin Technology

There are three different classes to this tool , the first is an input class that turns your skin into a track pad.The second out put class can change color based on temperature and third is a communication device that  lets you pull data from the tattoo.

This invention shows that tattoos of the future may have more function than art !

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