FarmBot Helps You Reclaim Control Over Your Food

FarmBot Helps You Reclaim Control Over Your Food

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Today, people buy most of their fruits and veggies at grocery stores. The result is a population that is very disconnected from the process that puts produce on the dinner table. Most people don’t really know what goes into the food they are putting in their bodies, or how the process of growing those foods affects the environment. In recent years, people have begun to question some murkier aspects of the farming industry. Many large farming corporations, like the notorious Monsanto, have come under fire for their growing methods. They have been accused of using chemicals that are harmful to the environment and to consumers on their produce, and often seem to prioritize business interests over good, healthy farming practices. Rory Aronson, a California entrepreneur, was tired of the lack of control consumers over their food. The result of his frustration is FarmBot Genesis, an autonomous machine that can grow fresh fruits and veggies right in the backyard.

FarmBotFarmBot is revolutionary because it is capable of performing practically the entire farming process with little human interference. The user simply has to input his or her garden preferencesinto an easy to use web app, and FarmBot will do the rest. Its software is currently loaded with 33 common crops for the user to choose from, and it can learn certain care sequences that may then be used for each re-planting of a specific crop. FarmBot uses poly-cropping methods that allow the user to grow any combination of vegetables simultaneously. It is built to care for a 3 meter by 1.5 meter area, and can be placed in a backyard, greenhouse, or even on a rooftop.


Perhaps the most unique feature of FarmBot is that it is entirely open-source. Its creators published all of the design files and software source code necessary for building FarmBot genesis in the public domain. They have even provided step by step instructions for manufacturing FarmBot, which means that anyone can build their version of the machine. Its creators encourage people not only to build their own FarmBot, but also to improve upon them and share their ideas. Already people have created their own models of the machine that run on solar power and collected rainwater, making them more sustainable. FarmBot gives you complete control to grow food the way you want it to be grown.



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