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BLINK BOARD: This product is electric made and is controlled by a remote or a smart phone remote control. The remote controls the speed. A good blink board can skate for 6 miles when fully charged.

ROCKET SKATES R-5: This product is smartphone remote controlled via blue tooth or app and it can report the distance you’ve covered. It is controlled by two brush less DC motors. It can travel 5 miles when fully charged and battery charging time is 90 minutes.


ROCKET SKATES R-10: Is both motorized and electrical made. It can be smartphone remote controlled and its battery charging time is two hours.You can skate at 10 miles when battery is fully charged and battery charging time is 90 minutes. It has 50 brush less hub motor in each skate.

M SCOOTER: A fordable skate and gives an option of forward and reverse. It’s battery charge time is 5 hours and its ideal for short distances and it’s compatible for both indoors and outdoors skating.

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