Airbar: Turn Any Labtop into Touchscreen

Among the primary draws of a tablet PC is the touchscreen attribute. However, imagine if you were able to possess the same function in your non-touchscreen notebook? As a result of AirBar, you can now.

The brainchild of Neonode, AirBar is a thin strip that connects to your personal computer via USB. Upon resting it in your notebook’s bezel, it subsequently blankets your screen with “an evanescent light field” that the business has dubbed “zForce ATMOSPHERE technology.” After matched, you may use the touchscreen with almost anything for that matter, a stylus or your finger.No additional software is required, but for now, the accessory is just compatible with Windows 7, 8, ten machines or a Chromebook and 15.6-inch displays. Neonode is working with Apple notebooks on connectivity.

Are you really curious in turning your TV into a touchscreen?

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