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Many people have wanted to learn how to play the guitar, but the problem has been the many hours of learning it takes one to fully learn how to play it. What if you got to learn how to play and make your own music in just under 5 minutes? Sounds unbelievable, but it’s not.

This is guitar is not the traditional model we are used to, it is equipped with strings for strumming and finger picking. But on the fret board, it has buttons that play entire chords with a single touch. Therefore, you can play songs virtually instantly.

The guitar has a companion mobile app which enables you to find lyrics and chords instantly, which can be followed via an intuitive karaoke-style display.

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Therefore, you can learn to play a song faster and even create your own music in as few minutes as it takes to listen to a song.
This guitar has the ability to record your last 30 minutes, that way you can play back your tune and listen to it, or share the good music you’ve created with family and friends or use it as a platform to improve your music.The guitar has velocity sensitive Strings enabling you to play notes softly or loudly depending on how hard you strum or pluck.You can control your sound with volume and tone controls. It comes with on board digital effects which include reverb and chorus. This guitar can be played virtually anywhere as it is a standalone instrument.


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