Dual Screen For The MacBook Is Almost Here Thanks To Zelus INC.

12193503_765761643570400_32379450773305324_nZelus proudly announces that the company will be finalizing the development of their highly anticipated mobile dual screen for MacBook.

A Boston tech startup is promoting mobile productivity with its revolutionary, semi-permanent dual screen for MacBook. Plus, by Zelus, will allow those accustomed to working with a secondary display monitor in the workplace, as well as those who could use a productivity boost, to do so comfortably while stationary or on the go. Machined from lightweight aluminum, and equipped with quality retina display, this product is sure to accentuate Apples fine line of MacBook computers – 2016’s tech must have.

An interview with the Zelus CEO Scarlee Marseille, reaffirms that the company is really focused on bringing a quality product to the market.

“Creating a product that only adds value to the Mac has proven to be quite the challenge but I assure you we’re bringing the best of the best this year. It’s certainly worth the wait”

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