One Plastc Card For All Accounts

No, I didn’t misspell the word plastic in the title. In fact, how would you like to carry only one piece of plastic with you for the rest of your life? Well it’s here today, the last one piece of plastic that you’ll ever need. It’s called Plastc Card and its features are impressive. 

Plastc Card keeps all your payment cards, such as credit and debit cards, all in one little device. Plastc Card is built with both chip technology and a magnetic strip. That way you can pay using your Plastc Card wherever you go and no matter what you do. No more fat, bulky wallets to carry around. maxresdefault (3)
Speaking of wallets, there’s also a Plastc Wallet that provides more features to go with your Plastc Card. Wallet is a mobile app on your smart phone that syncs with your Plastc Card. Combined Plastc Card and Plastc Wallet prove to be the most advanced form of payment technology.

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